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QVD is a highly scalable, cost effective, easy to manage, open source VDI solution built on top of Linux.

  • Lower software and hardware costs by as much as 75%
  • Improve Linux management and administration
  • Easy desktop deployment for new users
  • Apply a coherent security policy across existing users
  • Maintain business continuity when disaster strikes
  • Provide superior secure desktop remote access for road-warriors and home users
  • Use open-source software with commercial grade support
  • Take advantage of LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Firefox/Chromium, Java and other Linux applications without hassling with licences
“QVD has been deployed in an enterprise environment, providing desktops to over 35,000 users and servicing up to 9,000 concurrent sessions at any one time.”
Nito Martinez – CIO, Qindel Group.